About the Artist

Bluma Moore Smith

Bluma grew up in a seaside city of Odessa by the Black Sea, where people are loud and expressive, colors are bright and the sea is so blue you can use it in a fountain pen.

The environment in which she grew up has served as inspiration for many of her creations over the years.  Her mother was an architect and her father was a photographer, so it was only natural that she developed a passion for art from an early age.  

Artistic Endeavors

Bluma is an artist of many talents; she creates beautiful dynamic ceramic totems, ceramic dishes & platters, unique & modern jewelry, as well as colorful paintings. Her art reflects love of vibrant colors, the sea, flowers and all of nature.  In the past she has also painted highly detailed Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs).

Recently her passion for ceramics evolved into dramatic stacked sculptures called totems. Her totems are unique and whimsical, ranging in height from 2’ to 5’.  Bluma draws her inspiration from her garden and wild life around her.

Bluma makes stunning jewelry, sometimes using her own ceramic pieces as a centerpiece of necklaces and pendants.

Current Studio

Bluma’s current creations come from her Medford Lakes waterfront studio, where she lives with her husband Joe and their dog Minnie.  She is a resident artist at Medford Arts Center, where her artistic creations can be purchased and viewed.

Blume Moore Smith - Photo

To purchase an item or to inquire about commissions please email the artist